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3rd Ris; Third reef in French. It is a nautical term that serves to reduce the surface of the sail by making a third fold.

It is the intermediate version between the RIS stool and the 2ND RIS high stool. It incorporates a small backrest and a support bar for the feet making it both practical and comfortable.
Ideal for 90 cm or 95 cm height tables and counters.

Articulated structure of laminated phenolic birch plywood and cylindrical bars of sycamore wood. Treated with water varnish for outdoor use. Joints of stainless steel screws. Seat made of fabric from a recovered sail.

Measures (Foldable)
3rd RIS
42 x 47,5 x 74 cm // 16,5 x 18,7 x 29 in
42 x 47,5 x 81,5 cm // 16,5 x 18,7 x 32,08 in

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