DVELAS has developed a new line of luminaires designed with recovered boat sails. The stylish sail fabric diffuser is always one-of-a-kind and reflects the different textures of nautical sails, since when recovered they have unique characteristics that make them all different. This depends on the type of material with which they have been manufactured, where the pattern has been selected and cut to capture the competition sail’s unique marks such as numbers, stripes, patches, etc …


KNOT is the first portable lamp designed by architect Enrique Kahle for DVELAS ‘new line of recovered sailcloth luminaires. Small and light, it is transportable thanks to the knotted rope on the upper part.
The DVELAS KNOT portable lamp is rechargeable and houses a battery with 5 hours of autonomy at full power. The light intensity is variable: A quick touch on and off, long touch to regulate intensity. Maximum brightness: 2.1 W and color temperature of 3000 K. Its wood base of phenolic birch board class 3 and the moisture-proof led lighting system make it ideal for outdoor use.

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The elegant MAST lamps are available as a table lamp and a floor lamp. Designed by Enrique Kahle for DVELAS, they are made with a solid oak wood frame with reclaimed ship sail fabric and are turned on with a hand or foot switch as appropriate.

Designing a lamp often means creating something special and spectacular that attracts attention. The aim of this design is to create a warm and sophisticated atmosphere through the light that shows the rich texture of the sail.


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MAST 180

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Every sail is used to produce a limited series of lamps that are labelled with an inscription that gives details about the port of origin, the type of sail, the original manufacturer, the boat and its edition number.
Twice a year, these competition boats are completely inspected to ensure they are in top condition. It is in these thorough examinations and only when necessary, the sails are replaced, even though they are in very good condition.
The new sails are mounted and the used sails are discarded and are transformed into the latest technological material such as dynema, 3DI, 3DL and carbon and aramid fibers, which give them extraordinary resistance, and make them high quality material ready for reuse.

Sustainable lamps

Original design

Recovered sails

Adaptability to any country

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