puf dvelas

Oui, oui. we have taken our designs to Paris! In an international event that celebrated the creativity of Navarre and the Basque Country in the world of designer furniture. Not at all ambitious, the goal that HABIC – the Basque Country’s equipment, furniture and design collective – sought to achieve by organizing this event was to put these territories on the international map of the sector, as creative references and as quarries of neat and elegant designers, capable of revolutionizing the sector.

Eleven furniture manufacturers participated in this Pop Up event, exhibiting new products that stood out, not only for providing value to users, but also for their sustainable competitive advantages.

  • Basmat
  • B.lux
  • Daisalux
  • Isimar
  • KANA
  • Logos
  • WOOP
  • Ofita
  • QD

The event was held on October 12 and 13, from 10:00 to 20:00 hours in the Joseph Gallery, 7 Froissart Street and had the opportunity to attend profiles of all kinds, from design lovers to people interested in learning about new original alternatives and within a sustainable competitiveness in the furniture sector.

For our part, the Knot lamps and Gènois poufs with which we gave shape to the room we were given had a very good reception from the attendees, who acclaimed both the product and the elaboration and processes involved in its development.

RAFFLE for a trip

That’s right. At an event that invites collaboration and knowledge sharing, we commemorated the inspiration and the learning. To do so, we raffled from among the attendees a trip to the Basque Country for two people, one cradle of design and art in our country.

Many thanks to all who attended! We will see you again at such special events, thanks to HABIC.

dvelas stand paris