We offer the possibility of customizing all our products, as well as studying the design of new products and projects. We offer our experience and know-how of more than ten years recovering sails.

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Both the shade sails and the furniture allow all kinds of customization by inserting the client’s brand name or corporate logo in the product itself using various techniques and solutions such as printing or sewing labels on fabrics, engraving on the wood structure or the insertion of logos inside the resins.

We also offer the possibility of using our knowledge and technology to reuse other types of textile materials, such as coffee bags.


We study the development of new custom designs for contract projects, collaborating if necessary in the design and manufacturing.
We are looking for new applications for sails to incorporate them into new construction solutions for projects applied to curtains, coatings, false ceilings, etc.


We have a large stock of sails warehouse. The fabric that we obtain in DVELAS has various characteristics and virtues interested in the reuse of materials and the circular economy.
It is a material that is difficult to handle, for which there is no channel for removal or destruction and that we re-value once we cut it up, obtaining large sheets of clean and expeditious material.
A high-resistance material that uses the highest technologies for its manufacture, preserving its structural qualities despite having had a previous life.
And finally, it is a material of extraordinary beauty due to the complexity of its intermingled interior wefts and the effect that this produces.
For more than 10 years DVELAS has been using this material for its furniture, lighting and shade sail designs. In this time we have acquired a high knowledge of the material and how to work it.
This last year, at DVELAS we have launched the «DVELAS RAW» service, consisting of a supply of cut-to-size material in large formats and advice on how to install it for use in textile architecture, textile façade coatings, ephemeral architectures or other installations making this material available to other professionals to be used in many other projects under the ideas and instructions of architects and designers.

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DVELAS reuses sails and transforms them into beautiful personalizated furniture and shade sails using contemporary designs.
Sails that travelled for years on boatsall a round the world are now transformed into useful objects with a maritime past.
Our design team and production workshop work together looking for solutions that suits best your project. We offer an integral service of study of your space with proporsals on plane and 3D views.
We are focused on positive society-wide benefits and we collaborate with local carpenters and metalisters working toghether in high quality lasting products.

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