upcycling barcerlona

Mr. Singular is organizing a new exhibition this fall. We will be taking part with unique furniture pieces from our collection.

This collab links modalities of upcycling, which blend perfectly with the circular economy, offering quality, sustainability, and love for the design. This exhibition will highlight innovation and originality without a doubt.

Mr. Singular’s team design, divulge, and develop new ideas for the re-utilization of casted aside products. They take advantage of the unique shapes and quality, allowing the buyers to end with an elevated design. Always led into new furniture, exclusive and once in a lifetime.

This time, they bring together a group of Upcycling experts to gather this exhibition, presuming the local ability to design and create original pieces from already made ones.

Naturally, this unique presentation would not be possible without sharing our mission: elevating a discarded product and giving it a new purpose, always with higher quality and better aesthetic.

About the exhibition, we will show up with the following pieces:

  1. GÉNOIS puf
  2. TACK armchairs
  3. DINGHY table one
  4. DINGHY table two
  5. RIS stools
  6. CREW chairs
  7. KNOT lamps 

Are you curious about the alternatives that Upcycling can explore? Note down date and place: meet us from 13th September to 1st October at “Centro Comercial L’ILLA DIAGONAL” at Avenida Diagonal, 557.