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B&S Lounge & Chair

Windward and leeward are two opposing terms referring to the direction of the wind. Windward is the direction from which the wind is coming and leeward is the direction in which it is going.

The B&S (Barlovento & Sotavento = Windward & Leeward) chair consists of a single structure with a single fabric that works its way through the frame.
It is inspired by the boldness of sailing, in which different courses can be achieved by modifying the position of the sails. In the chair the position of the fabric around the structure takes on two different shapes, and depending on how the structure is supported on the ground it can be a chair or an easy chair.

Structure of laminated phenolic birch plywood and cylindrical bars of beech wood. Treated with water varnish for outdoor use. Joints of stainless steel screws. Seat made of fabric from a recovered sail.

66 x 116 x 69 cm // 25 x 45 x 24 in

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